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PHOTO CREDIT: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

“The 95WordsPerMinute production of The Best of Everything is neither a delirious sendup nor a mordant, finger-wagging deconstruction. It’s a respectful, hysteria-free, streamlined and appealingly modest effort that lets Jaffe’s working girls speak for themselves.”

Ben Brantley’s “Critic’s Pick” New York Times review

“Amy Wilson plays the rigid, defensive Miss Farrow with a hint of the honeyed chill that Joan Crawford brought to the 1959 film version.”

–Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

“Wilson has big shoulder pads to fill – taking on the role essayed by Joan Crawford in the 1959 film version – and she does so with quiet, grim authority, her mouth a pinched line beneath the hat that Miss Farrow wears at all times to distinguish herself from the low-status female drones.”



PHOTO CREDIT: Dixie Sheridan

“Amy Wilson more than fits the bill as ‘straight-man’ in her role as Diane. In her fitted red sheath and matching patent leather stilettos, she serves as Vilanch’s counterpoint – young, sexy and powerful. She doubles as other characters, and is particularly spirited in her unforgiving Virgin Mary.”

“[Bruce Vilanch as Alvin]  is reduced to begging for work from the witchy TV exec (a sharp Amy Wilson) behind such fare as Hip-Hop Hospital.”

–Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

“Amy Wilson has impeccable timing and plays a network exec’s cool canny sophistication without cliché.”

Usher Nonsense

read the feature on “Rubble” in the New York Post



PHOTO: Joan Marcus

“Like Annie Hall wearing a nursing bra… It is impossible to dislike Ms. Wilson– an accomplished actress who has appeared on Broadway and in various television series… She displays a gift for impressions, perfectly rendering the officiousness of an ostensibly progressive Anglo-Indian headmistress in the show’s funniest moment.”

–Ginia Bellafante, The New York Times

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a writer-entertainer as amusing and endearing as Amy Wilson in her one- woman show Mother Load… Wilson’s writing is both pithy and poignant. Her bemused befuddlement at the sacrifices of parenthood brings some of the best moments. The one-act play is just a few minutes more than an hour but seems even brisker due to Wilson’s dead-on timing and the energetic direction by Julie Kramer.”

Dallas Morning News

“If you’re a type-A parent, then Off-Broadway’s Mother Load is a reality check. Amy Wilson takes the audience from her days (year!) of trying to get pregnant up through nursery school and into the endless quest for parenting perfection. If you recognize yourself in any of it, it’s time to gear down…”

–New York Magazine Critics’ Pick

“Every now and then, even the most patient progenitor has to indulge in… entertainment that’s just for her. Enter Mother Load, the one-woman hit… Wilson manages to fully capture the utter overload of advice and must- do’s… Wilson’s consistently dry, tell-it- like-it-is delivery… vaults this show to a level of hilarity that even non-moms will appreciate!”

–Time Out New York Kids


book“Cheerfully admitting ‘I suck at this,’ Wilson details her mothering mishaps and neuroses… Wilson’s got a light comic touch, but she also traffics unflinchingly in the gross and in the sad (the scene in which her oldest child is rejected by eight out of nine nursery schools is heartrending).”

–Entertainment Weekly

When Did I Get Like This? is a funny, heartwarming account by a frazzled young mother of three. This book will help [mothers] remember that the worst day with children is better than the best day without them.”

– Marguerite Kelly, The Washington Post

“Reading Amy Wilson’s book is like meeting your favorite new mom friend: She’s whip-smart, charming, enviably capable but as self-doubting as the rest of us, and very, very funny.”

–Pamela Paul, Editor, New York Times Book Review

“Wilson…is funny enough to induce guffaws. Any parent will immediately commiserate with her woeful tales.”

–Library Journal

“Amy Wilson’s hilarious, tender memoir of all the ways her children drive her crazy – and she drives herself crazy – had me laughing out loud with recognition. She captures the small moments of motherhood in a way that is both funny and thought-provoking.”

-Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project

“Over the last 6 years I’ve always wished that I had been documenting this whole damn experience so that I’d be able to share it later because it is painfully hilarious, ridiculous and delightful all at the same time. You did it for me and I thank you. I am now going to give this book to every new mom and old-hand mom that I know.”

– Tracey Stewart, author of Do Unto Animals

“Amy Wilson is the kind of mom with whom I’d like to have a cocktail, preferably a stiff one at the end of a long day of playground runs. Wise, feeling and gut-bustingly funny, When Did Get Like This? is What to Expect When You’re Expecting for moms you’d actually like as friends.”

-Amy Sohn, author of Prospect Park West

“There’s that moment — and more likely, a lot of moments — when you look at yourself and your life and you think, “When, oh WHEN, did I get like this?”

And that’s when you need to pick up Amy Wilson’s book… and lock yourself in the bathroom and read it and try not to let the kids hear you laughing… Wilson nails it… I laughed so hard I cried.”

–Abbi Perets, she